Alyssa's Photo Page

Here are some pictures of Alyssa. Please don't save or share them.


[Picture of Alyssa with a dachsund puppy]From photo taken 9 October 2003

Alyssa with dachsund puppy.

More photos at the pet store

[Picture of Alyssa by Monterey Bay]From photo taken 19 May 2003

Alyssa by Monterey Bay.

More photos in Monterey


[Picture of Alyssa on Christmas 2002]From photo taken 25 December 2002

Alyssa on Christmas.

[Picture of Alyssa in her basketball outfit]From photo taken 2 December 2002

Alyssa in her basketball outfit.

[Picture of Alyssa in Halloween costume]From photo taken 31 October 2002

Alyssa in her Halloween costume.


[Picture of Alyssa on Christmas 2001]From photo taken 25 December 2001

Alyssa on Christmas.

[Picture of Alyssa with Mischief]From photo taken 22 July 2001

Alyssa with her new puppy, Mischief.

[Picture of Alyssa in boating in Cairns, Australia]From photo taken 21 June 2001

Alyssa piloting a tour boat near Cairns, Australia.

[Picture of Alyssa at dance with me]From photo taken 10 March 2001

Alyssa with me at a daddy/daughter dance.

[Picture of Alyssa sleeping]From photo taken 10 February 2001

Alyssa in her sleep.


[Picture of Alyssa in Moaning Cavern]From photo taken January 1999

Alyssa in Moaning Cavern.


[Picture of Alyssa with my parents]From photo taken November 1998

Alyssa with her paternal grandparents.

[Picture of Alyssa with Pepper]From photo taken July 1998

Alyssa with her new puppy, Pepper.

[Picture of Alyssa in hammock]From photo taken April 1998

Alyssa in our hammock.

[Picture of Alyssa at dance with me]From photo taken 7 February 1998

Alyssa with me at a daddy/daughter dance.


[Picture of Alyssa during flag football]From photo taken July 1997

Alyssa in her flag football picture.


[Picture of Alyssa with stuffed bunny]From photo taken 1996 or 1997

Alyssa in an Easter picture.


[Picture of Alyssa and me]From video taken 25 December 1995

Alyssa with me one Christmas.


[Picture of Alyssa at uncle's wedding reception]From photo taken 1993

Alyssa at her uncle's wedding reception.

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